IFN614 Introduction

By July 27, 2017IFN614

Welcome IFN614 students and staff to my blog for this semester. I am hopefully finishing my Masters in Information Technology this semester – emphasis on hopefully if my work commitments don’t change. I am not doing a major as I prefer to pick and choose subjects that are most interest to me or are relevant to projects I am currently working on. The word of the day/semester is “information” so doing similar subjects as a result.

I currently run a digital services agency specialising in ecommerce consulting and application development. One of my new personal projects I am spinning up revolves around the capture, sharing and dissemination of a certain category of information.

My strengths lie in being able to successfully research problems and provide solutions that value add to individuals and businesses. Another one is I don’t like talking about myself so hence the briefness of this post 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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